Annnnd I'm back!


I'm wearing Coat from NAKD // Asos Bodysuit // Parker Smith Jeans // Furla Bag

Hi!! I just looked at when my last post was... All I can say is I have been so busy with work and these days just seem to fly by! From the time I last posted to now I have traveled to Texas, Morocco & Aruba, and two big photoshoots (with some smaller ones in between) all while trying to make time for Vladimir, friends, family and even myself :)

But now I am back! And I will be making more posts regularly because I miss it! Here are pics of what I looked like yesterday. What is up with this weather?? One day it will be all sunshine and the next few will be soon cold. 

Look it here


T-shirt from Etsy  // Moonriver Shorts // Guess Boots 

My ourfit yesterday for Women's day, I wasn't able to go to the march but let's celebrate and fight for women's rights everyday? Sounds good to me! 

I can not believe how warm it was yesterday but now and for the next couple of days it will be back to a very cold and freezing NYC. That's ok with me because I'll be traveling soon to some much warmer destinations :)  

Let's get one thing straight


Straight hair who this? It was so weird for me to see myself with straight red hair for the first time but I love it!! I straightened it because my color fades so fast since I wet and condition my hair everyday and I thought wearing it straight for a little bit would help preserve the color. Also, it is soooooo cold in NYC (still) and I want to be able to wear hats lol!