#BecauseSummer Kick Off with Malibu Rum


I had the pleasure of celebrating the beginning of summer recently with Malibu Rum at the TikiTabu Rooftop bar at Sixty Hotel LES.

We got to check out the new TikiTabu bar a little early before it is opened to the public and wow the space is sooo cute! You literally feel like you're on vacation in the tropics.

I dropped everything and headed to the rooftop party…#BecauseSummer! One of the best parts of summer is the carefree attitudes and spontaneous adventures. There are only 101 days of summer so you’ve got to live them up!

But can we talk about the drinks?!

We were served some delicious cocktails in coconuts, I loveeeee coconuts! I think my favorite drink of the evening was the Pina Colada. I like when it is the perfect balance of sweet and natural flavors.

If you're looking for a nice spot to enjoy the NYC summer check out TikiTabu and get a Malibu Rum Pina Colada to cool off :)

This post was in partnership with Malibu Rum




Weekend is here! Today I actually re-dyed my hair.... the red fades soooo fast so this time I went for a burgundy/red color...so let's see how this works! I get a lot of questions about what dyes I use, for the color in this picture a used Garnier boxed hair dye in a reddish brown color and L'Oreal Hi Color Excellence in red :)  

Annnnd I'm back!


I'm wearing Coat from NAKD // Asos Bodysuit // Parker Smith Jeans // Furla Bag

Hi!! I just looked at when my last post was... All I can say is I have been so busy with work and these days just seem to fly by! From the time I last posted to now I have traveled to Texas, Morocco & Aruba, and two big photoshoots (with some smaller ones in between) all while trying to make time for Vladimir, friends, family and even myself :)

But now I am back! And I will be making more posts regularly because I miss it! Here are pics of what I looked like yesterday. What is up with this weather?? One day it will be all sunshine and the next few will be soon cold.