Macy's NY Collection


Summer is here in full bloom and I have the perfect outfit for petites. I am currently in Colorado visiting my sister and she’s been showing me a lot of the cute little towns here. We planned a full day of things from brunch to a little event in the evening and so I decided to wear this floral jumpsuit from NY Collection’s Petite line at Macy’stailored to fit women 5’4” and under. I ordered the jumpsuit from Macy’s online and while doing so I got confused with my own address! I almost sent it to NY instead of Colorado and had to call Macy’s asap, they were so helpful! 



So back to why this NY Collection piece is so great for me. It's because of the petite sizing! I sometimes have to alter clothing or ‘make it work with extra tall heels’..such a pain. But not this jumpsuit! The hem on the jumpsuit hits just perfect at the ankle that I could wear a low-heels sandal (and stay comfy). I have to say this jumpsuit was really comfortable to wear all day and was perfect for the day and evening (I also got a lot of compliments which is always nice).




Use code SUPER during the Macy’s Super Weekend Sale to get 20% off on your purchase! Sale runs from 8/16-8/19. 



You can find the NY Collection at Macy’s HERE