SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E


Something I get asked a lot about is skincare, and this post is all about that. I recently had the opportunity to receive a SkinCeuticals Custom D.O.S.E treatment. Sounds exciting right?? I had no idea what to expect and I left with so much more knowledge about skincare and my personal skincare needs.


When I walked in I got to put on my own lab coat (cute!) then drank some charcoal activated lemonade (so delicious).


I took a few photos of the space that had amazing views overlooking NYC and then I got to meet with Dr. Kavita Mariwalla of Mariwalla Dermatology.Dr. Mariwalla asked me some questions about my skin so that she could formulate the perfect formula using special SkinCeuticalsingredients. This part was a lot of fun and informative. I asked Dr. Mariwalla a bunch of questions while also learning about my skin type and whether I needed to focus on things like exfoliating, brightening, enhancing, etc. Once the selections were completed she computed into a system that then combined and packed the ingredients for my own serum! 


I have been using the serum for a little over a week now and the results are amazing! What I like most about the product is it feels so lightweight and my skin can breathe while absorbing all the goodness from the ingredients of SkinCeuticals.


Thank you for having me! This post is sponsored by SkinCeuticals but the opinions are solely my own :)