Sunset Park Brooklyn

Sheinside sweatshirt // Levi's shorts // H&M belt // Ebay backpack

Heyyy, so Fall is slowly making its way to NYC and the weather feels good! I was at a friends place in Sunset Park Brooklyn the other night, kind of a girls night in and we swapped clothing ( that's where I got the boots!), grabbed tacos from a food truck and caught up over wine, perfect night!  BTW doing clothing swaps with your friends is a great way to update your closet, save money and its a lot of fun! We're going to do another one soon with fall/winter clothes.



A couple more pics from Colorado, I miss it! It was so relaxing being away from the hustle and bustle of NYC. I've been so busy with NYFW and everyday life but this weekend was so nice and relaxing. Last night Vladimir and I went to our friends place to have game night and watch old episodes of America's Next Top Model, lol, well the girls did while the guy played dominoes. Now I'm feeling rested and ready for Monday but first need to get coffeeeee. Have a great day! xx

Zara Snakeskin Heels


I love it when Osha takes my pics, her camera and talent is amazing!

This is another outfit from New York Fashion Week. Top is Zara, Choies skirt, attention vest, Zara heels and my reliable Ebay backpack. How are you this beautiful Sunday morning? I am exhausted but nothing a big breakfast and coffee can't help with. After breakfast I'm meeting up with the girls to work on a fun project I've been wanting to do for a while... more about that later. Have a lovely day! xx