Parking Lot


BcBg Coat // H&M Sweater // Zara Pants // F21 Bag // Reebok Sneakers

Finally Friday!! I have a busy day head including doing some more last minute Christmas shopping, why did I wait to the last minute?? It always feels like the holidays are so far off and then BAM it's less than a week away!! It's all good though, after shopping Vladimir and I have a holiday party to go to with friends which will be a perfect way to unwind from this week. Hope you have a fabulous Friday xx

Rolf's German Restaurant

The girls and I stopped at Rolf's German restaurant the other night for our girlfriends birthday. She was telling us how beautiful they decorate the restaurant for the holidays and oh my goodness it was amazing!! It was pretty packed and so we had to wait  bit for a spot at the bar but it was worth it when we ordered these delicious eggnog concoctions. If you're in the area stop by, it's on 22nd & 3rd I think...